About Us

We at SOMERSET CAR SALES strive to deliver QUALITY PRE-OWNED CARS whilst maintaining SERVICE EXCELLENCE throughout the entire SALES PROCESS & EXPERIENCE.

We offer the following as VALUE ADDED SERVICES:

We give free advice to prospective buyers – Book values, Vehicle Advice, and Finance advice.

We offer:

Finance for private to private deals = Sold your car to someone; No problem let us facilitate the deal for you by arranging  the finance, roadworthy and the licence and registration process.

Licence and registration services – You need just sign our L.O.A and WE’LL Q 4 You!!

Personalised number plate services – Book YOUR WP number plates with us; Hassle free & Easy!

Consignment Sales – Want to sell your car / Perhaps achieve a higher price? No prob give the car to us and we’ll sell it for you. We advertise on most platforms giving your car MAXIMUM EXPOSURE!!

Motor Vehicle Evaluations – Comprehensive EVALUATIONS for your Insurance and or attorney/s.

Any QUESTION – Give us a call we’ll gladly assist!!

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